Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tim's surgery and ICAN video

A much belated update on these pups.

Tiny Tim had his cleft palate surgery under the skillful hands of Dr. Gary Lantz, a board certified veterinary surgeon and dentist who specializes in oral surgery. I am pleased to report that Tim's cleft palate was successfully repaired, and he should have an excellent prognosis.

New names since joining ICAN:
Bailey (Joy)
Cookie (Holly) - sponsored and named by a Brownie troop
Kitt (Star)
Marlo (Rudolph)
Spencer (Frosty)
Pete (Nicholas)
Herbie (Kwanzaa)
Kanika "Nika" (Noel)
Blitzen kept his name
Tiny Tim is still "Tim" or "Timmy", and not so little anymore

A cute video of a presentation at Plainfield Correctional Facility featuring the Holiday litter, showing off all the skills they have learned.

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