Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow pups

Star checking out the white stuff

Nicholas practicing Up on the porch

Rudolph in the plants


Frosty spitting out a leaf

Noel and Joy wrestling


Frosty eating snow

Rudolph off exploring

Rudolph digging in the snow

Joy running through the snow

Joy in snow

Frosty in the plants

I was lamenting that this litter hadn't gotten the opportunity to go outside. . . well the pups finally hit the snow this afternoon. I took them in small groups out to my front yard and they played on the sidewalk, porch steps, porch, and in the snow. All the big pups were curious and actively exploring, although most opted not to go too far into the snow. Rudolph was a wildman, bounding through the snow, and Blitzen and Joy were the next most exploratory pups. Tiny Tim was a mama's boy and mostly just wanted to crawl into my lap.

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