Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 weeks old

Willow, Rudolph and unidentified black pup

Willow has never gotten much into playing with the pups

Mom and pup

The pups are 6 weeks old and are already the size of many 8 week old pups. The boys weigh 11.8 (Nicholas) to 9.6 lbs (Rudolph) and the girls weigh 10 lbs (Star) to 9.6 lbs (Noel and Holly). Willow left today, for some much deserved R&R. The pups had one last round at the mobile milk bar, but seem totally oblivious to Willow leaving. For those of you watching puppy cam, you have likely noticed that the pups are out of the pen more, having playtime in the house. Group feeding sessions have also come to an end - the pups were getting too frenetic and it was impossible to tell how much everyone was eating. So now, the pups are pair fed from individual bowls. The pups are eating around 1 1/2 c of soaked kibble a day each. The pups continue to entertain visitors and thoroughly enjoy human attention.

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