Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reintroducing Tiny Tim

Tim chewing on visitor's shoe

Tim loves to sleep on stuffed animals

Tim and more stuffed animals

Close up of Tim

When the litter was born, I mentioned that there was a 10th surviving pup who was fragile and not expected to survive. Tiny Tim had a rough first few weeks, but is currently doing well and his prognosis is good. He is the small black pup without a collar. Tim was born with a mild cleft palate that prevented him from being able to suckle normally. Although he was able to stay with his mom and littermates, he required round the clock hand feeding and had a couple of serious medical set backs. He currently weighs 7 lbs, which is the low end of normal for his age, is eating kibble and milk just like the other pups, loves human attention, and plays well with his bigger littermates. He is a plucky, feisty little pup who can keep up with the big boys. If all goes well, Tim's cleft palate will be able to be surgically corrected when he is neutered, and if successfully repaired, he should be a functionally normal pup. Even if surgery is not an option or is not successful, he should be able to adapt and do quite well.

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