Friday, January 1, 2010

1 Week Old

Lots of changes for the pupsters. All nine have doubled their birth weight which is a good rate of gain. Weights range from 1 lb 5 oz (Purple, Green, Turquoise) to 2 lbs (Big Blue). Willow's milk supply is improving, although not overflowing. She is ravenous, despite getting over 6 cups of high calorie kibble per day. The pups have moved up to the big puppy pool (the same pool used for whelping) and made the adjustment without issue. Willow enjoys being able to stretch out. BioSensor exercises continue and the pups received their first nail trim. The pups vocal range now includes mewing, squawking, a hint of a bark, and a very cute trill. The corner's of Pink's eyes are starting to crack open. I expect eyes to open mid next week.

Life in the big puppy pool

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