Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12 Days Old

The puppy pile

Two to four weeks of age is my favorite age since the pups go from helpless little blobs to adorable beings ready to take on the world. The process has begun. The pups are starting to do a bit of walking, fairly aimlessly, but walking none the less. For the first week, Willow stimulated them to toilet by licking. Now, the pups purposely move away from the puppy pile and take care of business on their own. Eyes are just starting to crack open, still looks like we are 2-3 days away from seeing eyeballs. Pink and Orange are in the race to be the first pup to open their eyes. At 7-10 days of age, I typically give the pups nicknames since it is so impersonal to just call them by their collar color. Odds are that ICAN will rename most of them. But for now:

Rudolph (yellow pup) red collar
Nicholas (black pup) blue collar
Blitzen (yellow pup) black collar
Kwanzaa (black pup) yellow collar
Frosty (yellow pup) orange collar

Noel (black pup) purple collar
Holly (black pup) green collar
Star (light yellow/cream pup) pink collar
Joy (yellow pup) turquoise collar

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