Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy week

Symmetrical nursing

It has been busy in puppyland and no time to post or take many pics. The pups are over 3 weeks old and moved into the puppy pen on Saturday, and are already using the litter box at least some of the time. Current weights for the boys range from Nicholas 5.1 lbs to Blitzen at 3.7 lbs. The girls range from Noel at 4 lbs to the other three girls at 3.8 lbs. The pups are fully functional little beings - they can see, hear, move around easily, and even are getting their baby teeth. Unfortunately, the gang has had some GI issues, so more cleanup, less milk production, and more supplimental feeding. Joy, Nicholas, and Holly are the eating champs - chowing on soak kibble, canned food, and goat milk. Joy has earned the new nickname of Miss Piggy. Some the other pups are not as adventurous in the eating department and I am still coaxing them to try canned food.
Rudolph sleeping - doesn't look very comfortable

Frosty sleeping with his toys

These pups still like to row sleep (Joy, Kwanzaa, Star)

The front view

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  1. Seeing these adorable pups make me want to have one!! We are puppy sitting for Raven...Bridget's black boy. He's very mellow and just as smart as Creede.