Saturday, January 30, 2010

5 weeks old

Five weeks old, and the pups are finally coming to life. This is very mellow bunch. There has been increasingly more puppy wrestling matches, more playing with toys, and the pups are starting to have playtime in the house outside of the puppy pen. This weekend, the pups began entertaining visitors, and they met their first young children and a number of adults. Just today, Blitzen and Kwanzaa FINALLY climbed over the low "half gate" that allows the adult dogs to come and go easily. From other litters, someone has climbed over this low panel at 3 1/2 to 4 weeks of age. So now there is a taller "half gate" which will likely contain this litter until they leave for ICAN. These pups may have started out small, but they have recently made up for it and have gained a huge amount of weight this last week chowing on kibble and milk. At 5 weeks of age, the boys weighed 7 lbs (Rudoph) to 8.9 lbs (Nicholas), and the girls weighed 7 lbs (Miss Piggy Joy, who was on a "diet") to 7.5 lbs (Star). Willow and the pups together are eating over 20 cups of kibble per day. As a group, the pups out weigh Willow.

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