Sunday, January 10, 2010

Many changes

Lunch is getting rather lively these days. Note Star cuddling up with Willow.

This is the age of rapid change and the pups are transforming before our eyes. They are up and walking around, interacting with each other and the small stuffed toys in the pool. If you sit down in the pool, they come over, try to climb in your lap or just enjoy getting petted. Eyes are open and ear canals should be opening next week. We had a noisy night Thursday night/Friday morning. Initially I thought that Willow had bailed on them during the night, but instead, I woke up to a pool full of hungry pups. Willow was tapped out and the gang was looking for more chow. Not a big surprise since together, the pups weigh over 20 lbs. I introduced goat milk in the bottle Friday morning, and they weren't quite sure at first of the new texture and taste, but I got all pups to take the bottle. By bottle session #2, they were pros. If these pups learn assistance dogs skills as fast as they caught on to drinking from the bottle, they should be stars. We are bottle feeding three times a day. I also introduced canned food on Saturday. Again, not too sure of the new texture and taste, but this litter is catching on very fast to the concept of prehending food, chewing and swallowing. Often the pups try to suck down canned food at first. Yesterday, I set up the puppy pen in the living room, and sometime next week, I will move the pups from the pool to the pen, always a fun transition.

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