Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 Weeks Old

Look how big the pups have become

Four weeks old and growing fast. Now that the pups are getting kibble (soaked kibble and milk), they are really putting on the weight. At 4 weeks, the boys weighed 5 lbs (Rudolph & Blitzen) to 6.1 lbs (Nicholas). The girls weighed 4.7 lbs (Noel) to 5.4 lbs (Joy). The pups are now living in the full sized puppy pen with lots of toys and doing a reasonably good job using the litter box. Their favorite toy is a Little Tikes toy piano. Today, they had their first big adventure outside the pen loose in the living room. Personalities are starting to emerge:

Nicholas - big easy going pup

Joy - little Miss Piggy, a complete glutton who we need to pull away from the bowl at feeding time

Frosty - social, mellow boy who loves to sleep on his back

Rudolph - the last pup to become interested in eating kibble, just wanted Willow's milk, a little mama's boy

Blitzen and Kwanzaa - showing early signs of being adventurous

Noel and Holly - smaller, feisty pups

Star - a mellow pup who tends to keep to herself

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